Redeeming Work Andy Crouch
Redeeming Work
Andy Crouch
1. What Do You Want To Be When You ... 16 MINS
2. But I Hate My Job 15 MINS
3. Redeeming Work 22 MINS
4. Calling Or Career? 19 MINS
5. The Powers That Be 18 MINS
6. The God We Serve 23 MINS

Speaker:   Andy Crouch
Publisher:   Christianity Today - 2014
engage, faith, gifts, message, work
Your work matters.

You spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (or more!) there. It's what you talk about at parties. It's how you introduce yourself. It's where you met a lot of your friends. It might even be the reason you live where you live. Our jobs often dictate the circumstances and rhythms of our lives. So why does Monday morning feel so far from Sunday morning? For many Christians, there is a significant gap between work and faith. The two simply feel unrelated.

This 6-session group study helps bridge that gap. Redeeming Work provides several tools to help you and your group along the way. More than just a once-a-week meeting, we've provided ways to reflect daily on how faith and work connect. Each session includes powerful video sessions hosted by three members of the Christianity Today editorial team—Andy Crouch, Katelyn Beaty, and Skye Jethani. There are guided conversations, interviews, and documentaries to show real-life examples of Christians engaging their calling and pressing into how God can use their unique skills, experiences, and gifting. Interviews with Timothy Keller, Chris Brooks, Amy Sherman, James K.A. Smith, Katherine Leary Alsdorf, Kate Harris, and Corey Widmer are included.  
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Speaker:   Andy Crouch
Publisher:   Christianity Today - 2014
engage, faith, gifts, message, work
5 modules. 20 speakers. 5 bonus sessions. The world is changing so fast. How do you know what's still true? And how to live tomorrow, in a time when knowing you're right seems like it always damages relationships? What if you could learn how to plant your feet, see God's hand in the chaos, and be His instrument in love that even the biggest skeptic could feel? This is the call of the Christian life. This is Truth. Love. Together. 
1. Introduction 4 MINS
2. The People the World Needs 22 MINS
3. Why ‘Tolerance’ Isn’t Truth or ... 31 MINS
4. Loving the Bible Again 25 MINS
5. C.S. Lewis: A Man Transformed ... 24 MINS
6. Panel Q&A 1 HR 7 MINS
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