If You Were Mine Hope for Orphans
1. Introduction and God's Heart ... 32 MINS
2. The Christian and the Orphan 34 MINS
3. Making Basic Decisions 42 MINS
4. Evaluating Agencies, ... 53 MINS
5. Completing Your Home Study and ... 45 MINS
6. Welcoming Your Child Home 45 MINS
7. Finalizing Your Adoption and ... 29 MINS
Is adoption part of God's plan for your family?

Hope for Orphan's If You Were Mine workshop has come alongside thousands of families nationwide to invite them to investigate adoption from a biblical and practical perspective.

Now available as a video workshop, If You Were Mine is perfect for small groups, a one-day event, or for individual families. This comprehensive resource explores the following topics:

  • God's heart for the orphan
  • The processes and challenges of adoption
  • Agency selection and funding options
  • How to prepare yourself, your family, and your home
  • What to expect when your child comes home

If You Were Mine will help you and your church encourage families toward wise, loving decisions and healthy expectations about adoption. For more information, please click here.  
  If You Were Mine - Workbook
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