1. Nehemiah 9 MINS
2. Esther 9 MINS
3. Noah 9 MINS
4. David 9 MINS
5. Barnabas 9 MINS
6. Gideon 9 MINS
7. Small Group Leader Tips 12 MINS
Learn how to have hope when everything seems hopeless and to have faith when the situation is dire. Each session shares testimonies and examples of courageous people in Scripture— Nehemiah, Esther, Noah, David, Barnabas, and Gideon—who recognized desperate needs and trusted God to use them to make a difference. 

Used in conjunction with the book and companion study guide, this six-session series is essential for inspiring believers to step into the gaps around them.   
  In The Gap- Study Guide
  In The Gap- Book
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  In The Gap- Small Group Kit
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