Dying Out Loud
Dying Out Loud
1. Dying Out Loud 35 MINS
On a warm, summer day in 1967, God spoke to a five-year-old boy named Stan Steward while he sat quietly in his grandfather's church in El Cajon, California. But moments of childhood clarity quickly fade, and it took over twenty years for Stan to remember what God had told him and to embark on the greatest adventure of his life.

This is the story of Stan and his family and their dedication to follow God no matter what the cost.

They traded the comforts of suburban southern California for the crowded, cobblestone streets of Istanbul. They explored the border regions of Turkey that snake along Iran, Iraq, and Syria. They prayed with nomadic tribes in regions of terror, and they brought the light of the Gospel to those living in the Dark Canyon.

But none of those adventures compared to where God led them next: a journey of visions, revelations, and sorrow. A journey into stage four cancer, and a journey that becokoned them to walk the shrouded path through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Yet even there they discovered peace, grace, and a new hope for the lost around them.  
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