It Is Finished David Dorn
It Is Finished
David Dorn
1. Forgive Them 13 MINS
2. Paradise 8 MINS
3. Family 12 MINS
5. Thirst 10 MINS
6. Final Breaths 9 MINS
"Sometimes seeing God at work in the world requires us to see what shouldn't be here but is."

"For our sakes, God went where He had no business to go fix a problem that we had no business asking to be fixed."

"When the power of sin is destroyed, love has no limits."

"The soldiers were playing games in the shadow of the cross. Many people are doing the same today, playing games with their lives."

It Is Finished by pastors David Dorn and Jason Nelson from The Woodlands United Methodist Church is a six-lesson study built around the final words of Jesus from the cross. Jesus' last words are powerful teaching moments that if unpacked, can radically shape our lives as we learn what it means to be human and the limitless love of God. Each lesson dives into the historical and practical significance surrounding each of Jesus' phrases while the study guide gives the viewer different spiritual practices to participate in throughout Lent.  
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