The Birth of Freedom Dave Stotts
The Birth of Freedom
Dave Stotts
1. A Civilization without Slaves 13 MINS
2. The Quest for Political Freedom 16 MINS
3. The Myth of the Dark Ages 8 MINS
4. Pilgrims' Progress 10 MINS
5. The Abolitionists 10 MINS
6. A Tale of Two Revolutions 12 MINS
7. Relativism vs. Religion 11 MINS
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How Freedom Was Born In The West

This video-based study provides Christians with a resource for countering anti-Christian revisions of history. Learn about the historical development of the concept of freedom and see how it grew out of the Judeo-Christian worldview. Churches, Christian schools, homeschooling parents, and campus ministries will find this curriculum to be a powerful resource and study on the biblical roots of liberty.

Based on Action Institute's popular documentary The Birth of Freedom, this seven-session study traces the biblical roots of freedom in the West and debunks the notion that Christianity held back the development of Western civilization.  
  The Birth of Freedom - Participant's guide
Dave Stotts
Christian Stewardship is about more than the money we drop into the collection plate—stewardship is everything we do after we say we believe. In this five-session video study, hosted by Dave Stotts, you will learn how to think critically and biblically about the  areas of responsibility that have been entrusted to you by God.
1. Our Talents and Skills 22 MINS
2. The Environment 21 MINS
3. Loving our Neighbor 20 MINS
4. Church and Family 19 MINS
5. Finances and Giving 18 MINS
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