You Matter More Than You Think Leslie Parrott
You Matter More Than You Think
Leslie Parrott
Trailer 2 MINS
1. the journey 7 MINS
2. beautiful dreamer 14 MINS
3. that thing you do 12 MINS
4. reach out and touch 15 MINS
5. weak days 13 MINS
6. fellowship of the good news 13 MINS
Does your life really matter?

At any given time, women may be asking, “Does my life really matter?”  Maybe you are stuck at a job that is not rewarding.  Maybe you're with your kids all day and feel trapped in a routine. Maybe you're going through a divorce and trying to find your identity.

Many women are afraid to open up and share their struggles because we look around and think that everyone else has it all together.

In this video Bible study Leslie Parrott shares about her insecurities despite being a best-selling author, wife and mother of two sons. Leslie's on-screen teaching, the testimonies of other women plus the Bible study combine to communicate to women that even in the darkest of moments in life, YOUR LIFE REALLY DOES MATTER.  
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