Unlocking the Secrets of an Intentional Life Randy Carlson
Unlocking the Secrets of an Intentional Life
Randy Carlson
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1. Create a Clear Picture 22 MINS
2. Establish Good Habits 18 MINS
3. Who Am I? 21 MINS
4. Head, Heart, Hand 20 MINS
5. De-Clutter Your Life 24 MINS
6. Finishing Strong 29 MINS
7. Bonus Session: 5 Essentials 25 MINS

Speaker:   Randy Carlson
Publisher:   The Intentional Living Center - 2014
god, calling, overwhelm, life, resolutions, decisions, purpose
Best-selling author and radio host Dr. Randy Carlson delivers his newly-released series called Unlocking the Secrets of an Intentional Life. Now you'll find practical steps to help you know your purpose, enjoy living out your purpose and finishing strong. Living a better life is easier than you think.

Good things can happen in all areas of your life—your faith, family and relationships, health, finances and work. Instead of making big resolutions that quickly overwhelm you, this series invites you to begin moving toward change one daily, intentional step at a time. You can achieve the dreams you had almost given up on!  
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  Power of One Thing- Book
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Speaker:   Randy Carlson
Publisher:   The Intentional Living Center - 2014
god, calling, overwhelm, life, resolutions, decisions, purpose
Randy Carlson
After a while, an unresolved problem becomes an unresolvable problem in our minds. What once seemed fixable starts to appear unfixable. What was once only a small frustration is now the elephant in the room. Is that true for you?

In this full-length teaching, Dr. Randy helps you get a fresh perspective on the new year and any long-term frustration, problem or issue you are facing. He shares four intentional, biblical steps for putting new eyes onto an old problem by sharing one of his favorite characters in history.
1. New Eyes for a New Year 30 MINS
Protect each other from harm. Say "I'm sorry"—and really meaning it. Never lose faith in each other. These are just a few of the guidelines that Dr. Randy Carlson has developed, based on 1 Corinthians 13, that were instrumental as he and Donna raised their family. In this session you'll learn to practice these ten principles daily as you build an intentional home and family.
1. Ten Commandments for the Family 22 MINS
Dr. Randy Carlson teaches that your marriage is up for grabs whenever outside forces or other people are allowed to be more intentional in your lives and relationship than you and your spouse. In this session, you'll learn to identify three powerful things that can sabotage your marriage and find out the key to communicating effectively with your spouse.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. How A Marriage Gets Hijacked 37 MINS
In this 34-minute lesson, Dr. Carlson explores the truth behind behavior: every person wants to matter, contribute and belong.

You'll discover:
  • Three levels of misbehavior children use to get your attention
  • Three approaches to parenting
  • Three ways to overcome failure as parents
An intentional parent knows enough, cares enough and does enough to be a great parent. Learn practical tips you can implement right away as well as parenting principles that will shape your child's behavior. You can help your child begin living a life of significance today!
1. What Motivates Your Child To ... 38 MINS
Randy Carlson
Dr. Randy Carlson teaches that whoever (or whatever) is most intentional in your life, wins—and that every man must rise to face the challenges of life in order to be truly successful.

In this session, you'll discover six things that every intentional Christian man must do in order to be a the kind of leader, husband and father God is calling you to be. You'll also see how being intentional in the five essential areas of life (faith, family, health, finances, work) has the power to revolutionize your thinking and behavior.

Filmed at the Kingdom Men conference, The Intentional Man will help you make the decision today to become a better man in Christ and to finish strong in life.
1. The Intentional Man 46 MINS
Randy Carlson
In this teaching, Dr. Randy Carlson shows that you can bring your head, heart and hands into perfect balance by applying the principles of Intentional Living. You'll learn how to:
  • Achieve a better understanding of your spouse
  • Put an end to self-deception and
  • Do the things that God is asking you to do.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Head, Heart, Hand 32 MINS
Randy Carlson
Dr. Randy Carlson teaches a personal and powerful series of 10 questions designed to help you realize that you were created by God to live intentionally today and finish life strong. In this series, you'll unlock the answers to these questions and more:

  • Did I discover my purpose and live it?
  • Did I love people and use things?
  • Did I leave any unfinished business behind?

In the answers to these and the other seven questions, you'll find a powerful, practical blueprint for living intentionally in every area of life today.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Finishing Strong 41 MINS
Life tends to give us back about what we put into it, and we tend to invest in the things in our life that are most important to us. In this powerful study, Dr. Randy takes you beyond the principles of saving 10% and giving 10%, to living on 80%. He challenges you more deeply about God's intention for all the things that come through our hands.

Join Dr. Randy on an intentional journey to discover why:

  • Stewardship of God's resources is vital to success
  • A plan of action is important and
  • Your priorities matter.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. God's Intention For Your Money: ... 36 MINS
Randy Carlson
The intentionality of God is a model that we can look to every day! In this 45-minute session, Dr. Randy Carlson explores ten fundamental ways that God demonstrates His love and intentionality for you personally. You'll discover:

  • How and why God made you for a purpose
  • That God is and has been preparing a place for you
  • Whether you should ask God to make you a better person or a new person
Find out about seven more attributes to learn and practice as Dr. Randy helps you build an intentional home and family.
1. Our Intentional God 41 MINS
There are countless entities jockeying for position right now to bring down the most sacred union between husband and wife. With an intentional love, you can take your marriage from good to great! Intentional Living introduces Love Your Marriage: Lessons on Intentional Marriage.

In this seven-week study, you'll learn practical steps toward building and maintaining a vibrant, intimate and lasting marriage. Marriage and family therapist, radio host and best-selling author Dr. Randy Carlson helps couples love their marriage as they surrender daily to Christ, putting Him first in every aspect of life and relationship.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Understand Your Spouse's DNA 18 MINS
2. Have Somewhere to Go Together 19 MINS
3. Communicate Until Things Get ... 20 MINS
4. Check Marital Vital Signs ... 21 MINS
5. Face Marital Dips Together 21 MINS
6. Expectations - Reality = ... 22 MINS
7. Bonus Session: The Five ... 21 MINS
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