The Monday Switch Doug Spada
The Monday Switch
Doug Spada
Trailer 4 MINS
1. The Monday Moan 5 MINS
2. The Switch 6 MINS
3. Wired to Work 8 MINS
4. Short Circuit 8 MINS
5. CROSSwired 10 MINS
6. Mpowered 7 MINS
“This has radically changed how I experience work.”… Jonathan

Why is it hard to maintain your spiritual edge on Monday?

Where's the God who was with me on Sunday? Each Monday it's a whole new world—hustling off to work and putting out fires. Or maybe dreading work and what might be another boring day. Mondays can be rough for most of us. In fact, Monday is responsible for more heart attacks, work hatred, and stress than any other day of the week. Mondays as we experience them are hurting our work, our marriages, families, and our spiritual life—It's time for a Monday Switch!


It really doesn't matter if you love your job or hate your job. God clearly wants more for you than just surviving Mondays and drifting through a spiritually neutral workweek. This series (and kit) is based on 10 years of research and practical application that will soon have you saying “Thank God It's Monday”!    


·         Get your Monday Switch Kit (
·         Simply and practically transform your Mondays in only six weeks. 
·         Tools are fun, worker-focused, interactive, and biblically based.
·         Experience personal belief and behavioral change on-the-job

NOTE: This experience requires a Monday Switch Kit for each person.  This 6 week experience can be engaged individually, with small groups, work teams, or church wide implementation.  
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