Parenting: The Early Years Les & Leslie Parrott
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1. Session One 20 MINS
2. Session Two 18 MINS
3. Session Three 24 MINS
4. Session Four 21 MINS
5. Session Five 18 MINS
6. Session Six 17 MINS
What Kind of Parent Do You Want To Be?

Who you are matters more than what you do. When your kids are all grown up, how will they remember you?

In these six sessions, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott will take you through a parenting approach you won't find in any other parenting resource.

*In reality TV style, take a sneak peek at real-life parenting moments and vulnerable questions from 20 families.

*As a Bible study, discover 10 Biblical traits that will make you a better person and a better parent. Then begin to intentionally pass on key traits to your kids.  
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OTHER SERIES WITH Les & Leslie Parrott
Do you ever feel like your spouse is speaking in a foreign language? Do you know when to talk and when to clam up? Do you long to experience a stronger relationship and better communication in your marriage?

Get ready to crack the code of your personal talk styles.

In this 5-part series, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott will help you determine your personal communication style and learn how the two of you can speak each other’s language like never before. They will offer wisdom and insights for applying biblical truths to your relationship. Today, you can begin an adventure in communication that will draw the two of you closer in a way that creates the depth and connection you long for in your relationship. 
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1. Communication 14 MINS
2. How You Say The Things You Do 17 MINS
3. The Secret To Emotional ... 9 MINS
4. When Not To Talk 8 MINS
5. Let's Talk Love 14 MINS
How to Stay Connected at the Speed of Life

Designed by relationship experts Les and Leslie Parrott, this six-session curriculum for small groups shows husbands and wives caught up in life's fast pace how to reclaim their time together. Your Time-Starved Marriage will help couples become not more productive, but more connected.

Reclaim your time together and all the relational benefits that go with it. This group curriculum gives you the tools you need to stay connected as a couple and make every moment together count.
1. Is Your Marriage Slipping into ... 13 MINS
2. Busyness- The Archenemy of ... 13 MINS
3. Time Styles- Uncovering Your ... 13 MINS
4. Prioritizing Primetime- ... 12 MINS
5. Time Bandits- Catching Your ... 14 MINS
6. Time Mines- Where You're Sure ... 14 MINS
From Bad to Better and from Good to Great

In Real Relationships, we dig below the surface to the depths of human interactions, offering advice and practical tools for improving the most important aspect of human life: relationships. Designed for college students, young adults, singles, and dating couples, we teach the basic of healthy relationships, including friendship, dating, sexuality, and relating to God. Real Relationships furnishes an honest guide to forming the rich relationships that are life's greatest treasure.
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1. Leader Introduction 3 MINS
2. Your Compulsion for Completion 12 MINS
3. Keeping Family Ties from ... 11 MINS
4. Bridging the Gender Gap 11 MINS
5. Friends to Die For 10 MINS
6. Improving Your Love IQ 13 MINS
7. Relating to God without Feeling ... 12 MINS
How Everyday Problems Can Strengthen Your Marriage

How to make the thorns in your marriage come up roses. The big and little annoyances in your marriage are actually opportunities to deepen your love for each other. We believe that your personal quirks and differences—where you squeeze the toothpaste tube, how you handle money—can actually help draw you together provided you handle them correctly. Turn your marriage's prickly issues into opportunities to love each other more as your learn how to build intimacy while respecting personal space, tap the power of a positive marriage attitude, replace boredom with fun, irritability with patience, busyness with time together, debt with a team approach to your finances...and much, much more.
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1. Love is not enough 18 MINS
2. Tackle this problem first...and ... 17 MINS
3. The six subtle saboteurs of ... 18 MINS
4. How to solve any problem in ... 18 MINS
5. Joining your spirits like never ... 18 MINS
6. The good that comes from a ... 16 MINS
7. Leader Introduction 2 MINS
Conflict Can Bring You Closer

Every couple fights. In fact, successful couples disagree just as much as couples who don't go the distance. But a mountain of research shows what separates happy from not-so-happy marriages: they know how to resolve conflict. Happy couples have learned how to use disagreement to deepen their connection.

With innovative, real-life ideas that work, The Good Fight will help you turn the most painful moments of your marriage into milestones that mark a deeper joy and a greater passion for each other.
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1. When the Fur Flies 9 MINS
2. Clarify the Content 11 MINS
3. How to Fight a Good Fight 17 MINS
4. How to Share Withholds 13 MINS
Speak Each Other's Language Like You Never Have Before

Over and over couples consistently name 'improved communication' as the greatest need in their relationships. Love Talk is a deep yet simple plan full of new insights that will revolutionize communication in love relationships. The first steps to improving this single most important factor in any marriage or love relationship are to identify your fear factors and determine your personal communication styles, and then learn how the two of you can best interact. In this no-nonsense book, 'psychobabble' is translated into easy-to-understand language that clearly teaches you want you need to do—and not do—for speaking other's language like you never have before.
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1. Communication 101 16 MINS
2. The Foundation of Every Great ... 14 MINS
3. Your Personal Talk Style 11 MINS
4. The Secret to Emotional ... 10 MINS
5. When Not to Talk 13 MINS
6. The Most Important Conversation ... 10 MINS
7. Leader Introduction 2 MINS
Everybody Needs The Essentials! That's what you get in this powerful, entertaing series from Focus on the Family. Hosted by popular counselor and author Dr. Greg Smalley, Essentials of Marriage brings top relationship experts into your home or church- with practical wisdom, honest confessions, and decades of experience.

Essentials Of Marriage: Who Did You Really Marry? reveals how even opposites can get along, communicate, and resolve disagreements, and explains the five "love languages" that bring couples closer. You and your spouse or group will discover how two very different people can "become one" as God intended.
1. Opposites Attract 14 MINS
2. Let's Talk, Pt. 1 13 MINS
3. Let's Talk, Pt. 2 19 MINS
4. Navigating Through Conflicts, ... 20 MINS
5. Navigating Through Conflicts, ... 15 MINS
6. Languages Of Love 17 MINS
On Making Marriage Work, twenty couples share their deepest struggles, conflicts and misconceptions about marriage.  This four part video series includes Biblical and practical tips to cultivate a healthy and happy marriage.

About the Experts: For more than 15 years, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott have been counseling people about relationships. Authors of several books, they have been guests on nationwide TV programs such as Oprah and Good Morning America, and their work has been featured in Christianity Today and Focus on the Family magazines. Now they've partnered with the BlueFish TV team to create a practical church resource for married or engaged couples.
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1. Myths 25 MINS
2. Pressure 27 MINS
3. Conflict 24 MINS
4. Faith 24 MINS
Identity questions. Emotional turmoil. Rebellion.

Welcome to the teenager's world. And if you're their parent, you're already in that mix. It's a tough job, you know, and you've got to do it. Nowadays, you have to play counselor, cop, and crisis manager all rolled into one. Good parenting means using your head, your heart, and your faith.

Parenting Your Teenager equips moms and dads to recognize common patterns, plan effective strategies, and build character. Perfect for small group Bible study or a seminar, this 4 part series features relationship experts Les and Leslie Parrott. And, in 24 gut-level interviews, parents and teens talk openly about rebellion, conflict, pain, and identity. Plus, there's a candid chat with singer Steven Curtis Chapman about faith and family.
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1. Identity 24 MINS
2. Turmoil 24 MINS
3. Rebellion 22 MINS
4. Legacy 21 MINS
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