Africa and the Bible: The Earliest Roots of the Faith Wintley Phipps
Africa and the Bible: The Earliest Roots of the Faith
Wintley Phipps
1. The Myth of a Cursed Race 26 MINS
2. White Mans Religion 26 MINS
3. River of Faith 27 MINS

Speaker:   Wintley Phipps
Publisher:   Discovery House Publishers - 2014
africa, biblical, christianity, history, roots
Although the central message of the Bible is God's love for the whole world, a distorted interpretation of an isolated passage in its pages has been used for centuries to exploit an entire race of people. In Africa and the Bible, Wintley Phipps takes you on a journey of discovery to . . .
  • Uncover and explore the early and deep roots of Christianity on the African continent.
  • Gain insights into the spiritual heritage and identity of people of African descent.
  • Trace the story of God's hand on the people of this land throughout biblical and church history.

This 6-lesson interactive Bible study is a perfect resource for individuals and small groups to increase their awareness of God's love for all people.  
  Africa and the Bible- DVD Kit

Speaker:   Wintley Phipps
Publisher:   Discovery House Publishers - 2014
africa, biblical, christianity, history, roots
How did a young man from simple beginnings become one of the world's most beloved and influential preachers? Join us as we travel from Billy Graham's childhood home in Charlotte, North Carolina, to the grounds of his former college campus in Temple Terrace, Florida. Narrator and renowned vocalist Wintley Phipps shares inspiring stories and sings songs from the crusades as he retraces the events of God's calling of Billy Graham.

We'll visit . . .
  • The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Sutton Hall, a remaining building of the Florida Bible Institute (now Florida College)
  • The 18th green on the Temple Terrace golf course, where Billy Graham answered God's call to ministry
  • The riverbank area near the college campus, where Billy Graham practiced his sermons to an audience of Cyprus stumps and animals

Helping us to see how God can use anyone willing to trust and follow Him, The Calling of Billy Graham is a great resource for those who are seeking God's direction in life.
1. Session 1 25 MINS
2. Session 2 27 MINS
You probably remember that George Washington Carver invented over 300 uses for peanut butter. Did you know that while at Tuskegee Institute he became one of the world's foremost experts in horticulture?

In fact, George Washington Carver almost single-handedly reinvented land management in the South following the ravages of too much cotton and tobacco farming. He was so brilliant that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison tried to hire him, but he said no. Do you know why? Because he wasn't after fame or fortune. The most important thing in George Washington Carver's life was that he was a Christian. He simply marveled at God's creation and wanted to help all mankind.

When you see this 2-part series—hosted by Wintley Phipps—you'll discover someone who grew up in segregated America with poverty, frailty, sickness, and the KKK, but who saw each and every obstacle as a blessing and an opportunity to learn. Get to know the man who discovered uses for the peanut, the sweet potato, and the soybean and helped shape twentieth-century America through his profound spiritual conviction, a passion for exploration, and a deep wonder about the world around him. You'll find that one person can make a difference, no matter what stands in the way.
1. The Life of George Washington ... 26 MINS
2. The Life of George Washington ... 27 MINS
From the Oval Office to stadiums around the world, few have had the outreach and impact for Christ, as Reverend Billy Graham has. For over 60 years, he has preached the redemptive message of Jesus Christ.

Here is your chance to take a glimpse into the life of Billy Graham, with interviews from friends, family, and those who shared in the crusades. Your host, Wintley Phipps,  takes you back to a farm in North Carolina- where it all started- all the way through Rev. Graham's remarkable career.
1. Lord, I'm Yours: The Life of ... 27 MINS
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