The Life of Noah Chris Seay
The Life of Noah
Chris Seay
1. A World Full of Evil 3 MINS
2. Stepping Out on Faith 2 MINS
3. The Perfect Storm 2 MINS
4. God's Promise 2 MINS
The Life of Noah is a 4-part Bible study that communicates the well-known children's story of Noah and the ark to a 21st century audience with teaching by Chris Seay. In this series, Chris expounds on this exciting story of Noah's faith-stretching endeavor to build an ark when the odds seemed against him.

With powerful lessons, dramatic video clips and excellent teaching, Chris uncovers the prominent themes of Noah's challenge to stand up for God in a world full of sin and trust God with the task of building the ark no matter how impossible it seemed. Present-day hurricanes and tsunamis provide a modern-day glimpse into the despair caused by the flood, yet God in His faithfulness rescues us from the storms of life. This video Bible study is perfect for your small group.  
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Can I tell you how I really feel?

Guilt, shame, entitlement, bitterness, grief-stricken ... our relationships with others surface a variety of feelings.   In these three Bible study sessions, viewers will experience the Prodigal Son story of the Bible through the eyes of the younger son, the elder son and the father as performed in separate, dramatic films by professional actor/writer, Jason Hildebrand.

After each short film, Chris Seay will walk us through the scripture helping us to understand how jealousy, selfishness and forgiveness affect our own lives and relationships.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Younger Son 13 MINS
2. The Elder Son 10 MINS
3. The Father 16 MINS
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