Hiding From Love John Townsend
Hiding From Love
John Townsend
1. Jenny's Story 9 MINS
2. Our Two Biggest Problems 12 MINS
3. "This Wasn't In Plan A" 27 MINS
4. Our Need For Attachment 17 MINS
5. Our Need For Separateness 17 MINS
6. Our Needs For Resolving Good & ... 16 MINS
7. Our Needs For Authority & ... 17 MINS
8. Helpful Hiding: Dealing With ... 22 MINS
9. Helping Hiding: Preparing for ... 8 MINS
10. Harmful Hiding: Six Critical ... 21 MINS
11. Harmful Hiding: The Cost & ... 8 MINS
12. Hiding From Attachment 22 MINS
13. Hiding From Separateness 12 MINS
14. Hiding From Our Good & Bad ... 11 MINS
15. Hiding From Authority & ... 9 MINS
16. Coming Out Of Hiding 23 MINS

Speaker:   John Townsend
Publisher:   Cloud-Townsend Resources - 2014
relationships, god, isolate, biblical, hide, patterns, emotions
When you experience emotional injury, fear, shame, or pride, your first impulse is to hide the hurting parts of yourself from God, others, and even yourself. Often, you've learned these hiding patterns during childhood to protect yourself in a threatening environment. The problem is that when you hide your injuries and frailties, you isolate yourself from the very things you need in order to heal and mature. What served as protection for a child becomes a prison to an adult.

In Hiding From Love, Dr. John Townsend helps you to explore thoroughly the hiding pattern you've developed and guides you toward the healing grace and truth that God has built into safe, connected relationships with Himself and others.  
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Speaker:   John Townsend
Publisher:   Cloud-Townsend Resources - 2014
relationships, god, isolate, biblical, hide, patterns, emotions
John Townsend
Hard times make us look for God. 

Everyone has problems. But if we could solve all our difficulties ourselves, would we ever search for God? Psychologist John Townsend says "It is actually the very unfixability of our problems and our powerlessness to bring right results that keep us asking, 'Where is God?'" 

In this series, Townsend offers new insights into the pursuit for God's help and presence. Designed to give you hope and meaning, he divides the discussion into four parts: 
  • Why does a good God allow hard times? 
  • God may not be who you think He is.
  • Finding hope in hard times.
  • In people who are for you.
With powerful stories and practical applications, Where Is God? assures us that even when it feels as though God is absent, it is his nature to be in relationship, to connect with, love, and guide us. And when we seek him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, he shows up in ways that transform us forever.
1. Why a Good God Allows Hard ... 53 MINS
2. God May Not Be Who You Think He ... 55 MINS
3. Finding Hope in Hard Times 53 MINS
4. In People Who are For You 55 MINS
John Townsend
Your personal guide to learning how to love.

When you say or hear the words "I love you" it can change your life forever. Love is one of God's most important gifts to anyone, yet there are so many misunderstandings about how to make love work in our families, friendships, marriages and dating relationships.

In Loving People, best-selling author Dr. John Townsend shows you that love can actually be learned, and give you the steps and tools to become skilled in love.
1. The Nature of Love 58 MINS
2. Connection- Bridging the Gap 56 MINS
3. Truth Telling: Solving Problems 56 MINS
4. Healing: Restoring the Broken 57 MINS
5. Letting Go: Accepting What Is 58 MINS
6. Romance: The Attraction Factor 57 MINS
John Townsend
We may have grown up hearing people around us express firmly held beliefs that sounded perfectly credible to us at the time. As a result, we never questioned them, and may still repeat the same things, assuming they are the truth. Yet these beliefs, while they contain a grain of truth and sound convincing, don't hold up under close scrutiny, and in fact can be quite detrimental to us and our relationships.

It is time to explode these myths! Let's take a close look at a few that powerfully affect our relationships: “It's selfish to have my needs met,” “Just leave the past behind,” “I just need to give it to God,” and “If I change my behavior, everything will improve and I will grow.”

This four-part series will set you free from some crazy-making ideas and give you a clearer understanding of what's true and what's not.
1. "What About Me? Selfish vs Self ... 54 MINS
2. "The Behavior Trap" 56 MINS
3. "The Waiting Game- Active Role ... 54 MINS
4. "Forget About It- Trust" 57 MINS
Dr. Townsend's presentation on Who's Pushing Your Buttons? Recorded live at Solutions, a weekly presentation at Mariners church. Great for small group study or individual use!

Who's Pushing Your Buttons? takes an in-depth look at the "root" or why difficult people are the way they are, and assists with strategies to navigate these relationships in a way that maximizes change, growth and love.

Most of us have no idea how to reach out to, confront, negotiate with, or set appropriate limits with hard-to-manage relationships. Who's Pushing Your Buttons? provides both principles and constructive solutions from a uniquely biblical perspective.
1. Button Pushers: The Inside ... 55 MINS
2. "Why Working On Your Button ... 54 MINS
3. God, Your Life, and Your Stance 59 MINS
4. Your Stance and Your Words 57 MINS
5. Actions and Process 1 HR
John Townsend
When things go wrong in life and relationships, and with stunning frequency they do, you will connect with this simple yet highly effective inspirational approach to solving problems no matter what the issue: marriage, finances, bad choices, fear, anxiety, emotional hurt, obsessions, addictions, weight issues, and more.

Now What Do I Do? will help you tap into the power of seven key principles that will help you solve everything from crises that explode without warning to chronic issues that have lingered for years. Solving problems isn't instantaneous, but it still can be miraculous!
1. Introduction, Vision, and ... 30 MINS
2. Feel What You Feel 30 MINS
3. Get With the Right People/Build ... 30 MINS
4. Break Fee of Fear/Control What ... 30 MINS
5. Create a Pass-Fail Plan/Do the ... 30 MINS
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