Little Praise Party - Taste and See
Little Praise Party - Taste and See
1. Super Wonderful 3 MINS
2. Praise the Lord Every Day 3 MINS
3. Taste and See 3 MINS
4. My God Is Number One 3 MINS
5. Stop and Go 2 MINS
6. Obey 3 MINS
7. Lord, I Thank You 3 MINS
8. There Are Promises 2 MINS
9. Joyful Noise 4 MINS
10. Gonna Serve 2 MINS
11. I Will Pray 3 MINS
12. The Bunny Song 3 MINS
13. It's a Happy Day 2 MINS
14. Best Present Ever 3 MINS

Show:   Yancy's Little Praise Party
Publisher:   Yancy Ministries - 2005
elementary, god, kids, praise, songs, young children
The Little Praise Party is back with new songs in the highly popular worship music series for young children. On this fourth release, Yancy has creatively pulled together nearly all original, easy-to-sing songs that engage kids from the very start and create a perfect environment for them to praise their God. Plan on non-stop sing-along fun for kids…and leaders too!  
  Little Praise Party: Taste and See (CD)
  Little Praise Party - Taste and See (Home DVD)

Show:   Yancy's Little Praise Party
Publisher:   Yancy Ministries - 2005
elementary, god, kids, praise, songs, young children
OTHER SERIES IN Yancy's Little Praise Party
Created just for young kids to inspire worship and encourage singalong fun. Featuring songs by Yancy and friends. Your little ones will love celebrating their best friend, Jesus, with these songs.
1. Father Abraham 3 MINS
2. Whoa I Have Life 3 MINS
3. My Best Friend 2 MINS
4. Give Your Heart to Jesus 3 MINS
5. If You're Happy & You Know It 2 MINS
6. This Little Light of Mine 3 MINS
7. The Shrink Song 2 MINS
8. The B-I-B-L-E 2 MINS
9. Mr. Noah Had An Ark 3 MINS
10. God Is So Good 2 MINS
Yancy and friends have created a new collection of songs that are sure to warm the hearts of kids and their parents too. You'll find lots of singalong fun including songs to celebrate some of the most special days of the year including Valentine's, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthdays. Plus, a song about missions to encourage us to “Go into all the world”. Whether at home, church or in the family minivan these songs will help you and your kids to have a praise party!
1. Brand New Day 2 MINS
2. Shout! 2 MINS
3. Go! 3 MINS
4. Love One Another 3 MINS
5. Hosanna Rock 2 MINS
6. One, Two, Three 3 MINS
7. The Springtime Song 2 MINS
8. The Dog Song 2 MINS
9. Happy Birthday to You 2 MINS
10. Bye, Bye, Bye 2 MINS
11. I Like To 3 MINS
12. Don't Be A Turkey 2 MINS
13. Away In A Manger 3 MINS
14. It's Christmastime 3 MINS
15. Love One Another (Lullaby Mix) ... 3 MINS
This "Music Video" is for young children (preschool/early elementary ages). Use this music video in your pre-service as kids are coming into a class or plug them into your programming as an element to reinforce the message you're teaching.
1. Oh I Know 3 MINS
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